We're all familiar with doing a spring clean in the home.

But have you ever done an autumn clean?

Autumn cleaning is about going back to basics. Just as with your annual spring clean, it involves a lot of deep cleaning, and it's an opportunity to turn your attention to tasks that don't get done frequently.

Let’s face it, spring in Australia can be pretty hot. No one wants to do sweaty cleaning and de cluttering in the heat. Also, it’s quite dusty in Summer and I feel like all my work is hidden under a layer of dust! Getting on to the hard work while it’s cool but not yet rainy works great for me.

No.1 - When was your last clean?

It’s probably been a good six months since your last deep clean – let’s be honest, other than the daily kitchen wipe down,  when was the last time you went beyond the weekly ritual of a vacuum and a dust? Going beyond the surface clean and doing the jobs that you often avoid will help keep bugs away. Take a fresh look at your fridge and freezer and put an end to bacteria to avoid foodborne illness – throw away all out of date food, clean up spills and disinfect shelves to keep everything squeaky clean. Check to the right for our 45 minute fridge clean.

No.2 - It’s the start of the germ season

Flu season is under way, and the germs from school start spreading. Dusting, wiping down surfaces, and having a clean space is important all the time, but it’s largely important when so many people around you are sniffling and sneezing. 

No.3 - ‘Tis the season of getting cozy

Generally speaking, autumn kicks off the part of the year in which you spend more time at home. You want to curl up on the couch and watch movies all day and night. You want to make hot cocoa and bake cookies. You want to spend all day in your pj’s just because you can. But that means you also want your home to be clutter-free so you can actually enjoy doing all those other things without stressing.


cleaning 45 minute quick fridge clean

1. Get ready for your clean

Grab a pair of rubber gloves, a fresh clean sponge, fill the kitchen sink with some warm water and just add a drop of detergent. 

2. Remove the contents of your refrigerator

Wipe each bottle or container that you are planning on putting back into your fridge. Check your dates and throw away anything that is past its used by date.

3. Remove the hardware

Take your shelves out and wipe both sides with Vanilla Fresh. 

4. Wipe inside and out

Wipe the inside of your fridge thoroughly with Vanilla Fresh. Then the outside. Taking care to wipe handles and dispensers.