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Below are some frequently asked questions commonly asked about McLintocks Vanilla Fresh...


Q: Is McLintocks Australian owned and operated?

A: Vanilla Fresh is proudly owned and operated out of Melbourne in Thomastown, Victoria. 

Q: What percentage of alcohol is Vanilla Fresh?

A: Vanilla Fresh has an Ethanol percentage of less than 60%.

Q: What does Food Safe mean?

A: When using the term “food safe” we are referring to the use of Vanilla Fresh around food preparation areas. Not to be confused with “food safety” and the handling of food. You can find out more on our food safe page.

Q: Is Vanilla Fresh effective against COVID-19?

A: Vanilla Fresh is an ethanol based sanitiser which has been tested against general pathogenic bacteria and proven to kill 99.9% of these pathogens. The product has not yet been laboratory tested against the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The total effectiveness in killing this virus on surfaces is unknown. 

Q: Can I use Vanilla Fresh on other surfaces?

A: Vanilla Fresh is manufactured as a Fridge and Kitchen surface wipe. It is safe to use around food preparation areas. If you wish to use it on other hard surfaces, we advise to spot test before use. 

Q: Does Vanilla Fresh affect individuals with allergies?

A: Vanilla Fresh contains, Water, Ethanol, Vanillin & Ethyl Vanillin - Vanillin and Ethyl Vanillin are commonly used as flavourings and aromatic inclusions in many food products, they are considered to be safe for consumption and approved by FSANZ - however there have been minor cases sited of migraines being triggered by what is thought to have been Vanillin, this however isn’t uncommon with many aromatic  products used in food. 

Q: Is Vanilla Fresh cruelty free?

A: Vanilla Fresh is not tested on animals. Vanilla Fresh is also vegan friendly as it does not contain any animal derivatives. 

Q: What makes Vanilla Fresh “Eco-Friendly”? 

A: No artificial ingredients, non toxic and food safe.  

Q Is Vanilla Fresh safe for commercial use, such as commercial kitchens, restaurants, café’s and office buildings?

A: Vanilla Fresh is perfectly safe in both domestic and commercial applications under the recommendations listed on the label - it doesn't however have the extreme bactericidal properties of some of the other solutions on the market that may be required in commercial situations.

Q: I’m concerned about the amount of bottles I throw away, is there a refill option?

A: At this stage, we only offer the single bottle- Vanilla Fresh bottles are made of 12% recycled HDPE, however we are always looking to improve our process. We recommend donating used bottles to community centres or schools.

Q: Can I purchase directly or in larger quantities.

A: Yes you can purchase a box of 6 x 500ml bottles or a single 25 litre drum direct pick up only from our Thomastown facility. 31 Commercial Drive, Thomastown VIC 3074. For more information contact us directly.

Q: Where can I purchase Vanilla Fresh?

A: Vanilla Fresh is available within Australia in most major supermarkets. Click here for more information.

Q: I live in the UK, USA, NZ or other- do you ship internationally?

A: Vanilla Fresh is only distributed within Australia through major supermarkets.

Q: Where can I find the material safety data sheet for Vanilla Fresh?

A: You can find our Vanilla Fresh material safety data sheet on our website. Click here for the Vanilla Fresh SDS

Q: Where can I purchase the Safe4u Toilet Seat Sanitiser?

A: Please feel free to contact us directly for distribution and purchasing of Safe4U’s Toilet Seat Sanitiser. Alternatively, it is stocked in United Petroleum service stations.

Q: Where can I find the material safety data sheet for Safe4U Toilet Seat Sanitiser?

A: You can find our Toilet Seat Sanitiser material safety data sheet on our website. Click here for the Safe4U Toilet Seat Sanitiser SDS.