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McLintocks Vanilla Fresh
is food safe, but what
does that mean exactly?

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Featured prominently on the McLintocks Vanilla Fresh label, our 'food safe' emblem has become a very important feature. When we use the term 'food safe', we are referring to the method and safety of McLintocks Vanilla Fresh, when used around raw and cooked food, food preparation surfaces, food preparation areas and equipment.

Not to be confused with food safety, food safe is generally associated with specific products whereas food safety is the practice of handling food safely.

Vanilla Fresh has four ingredients; water, ethanol, ethyl vanillin and vanillin. Ethanol or ethyl alcohol is a simple form of alcohol. It is often the principal type of alcohol found in alcoholic drinks, produced by the fermentation of sugars by yeasts. It is a common ingredient in medical products including antiseptics and disinfectants. Which are some of the specific features that Vanilla Fresh possess.

Ethyl Vanillin is a type of food flavouring which is about three times stronger than Vanillin and is often used in the production of chocolate. Vanillin is a synthetic compound creation made to meet the high demand of natural vanilla. It is frequently used as a substitute ingredient for vanilla in ice cream, chocolate, and other baked goods as well as in perfumes. Both ethyl vanillin and vanillin are harmless in small doses leaving just a fresh and delicious vanilla scent (you all know and love).

Vanilla Fresh is safe to spray around raw food and food surfaces as it is safe to consume in small quantities. So, if someone unintentionally consumes small traces of the spray it won’t effect you or your family. In the case of large accidental ingestion, follow the steps on the McLintocks Vanilla Fresh Safety Data Sheet found right here on our website.